Baby K


This is one pretty pretty baby my friends, her delicate features… sigh.

How I love little red hedded girls 😛



The perfect autumn wedding. It was a gorgeous sunny day with the most incredible sunset. The White Mountains have always been one of my favorite places, many a summer have been spent in the lakes and rivers during my childhood. I remember seeing this giant yellow hotel off in the distance when I was young. It was so cool to actually do a wedding here and stay in one of it’s gorgeous rooms.

I can honestly say that I have never seen love like I see in Brianne and Seth’s eyes. They truly have the “in love” thing down to a science. Seth’s face during the vows… wow. Pure magic with these two AND they are gorgeous to look at! I have so many favorites from this wedding that I can’t wait to launch the new wedding web site in January just to show them off!



Congratulations Ashley! I’m so excited my lovely client Ashley Underwood has been crowned the new Ms Maine USA. She gets to go to Vegas to compete in the Ms USA pageant! I am so excited for her! Now I am one of her sponsors so I get to shoot her again ! YAY!

I was honored to shoot the cover for the program/magazine for the pageant as well. Working with Avery is always fun and it was my first time working with Kaetlyn who is a natural model. I’m looking forward to next years contestants already!

Ashley Underwood





Getting married amoung the gorgeous foliage this weekend in the White Mountains and we are STOKED!!!!  We got in so much trouble doing this shoot… “don’t get on the f*ing engines!” I will say no more in case we get reported 😛

so many shoots


I have been swamped, too swamped to blog obviously! We have had weddings and seniors and boudoir all month. I don’t think I have ever had a month like the past Aug/Sept. It’s soon to slow down in Nov and I will be able to catch up on web site updates and what not!

For now here is a nibble of what we have been up to!




I have been so lucky this year to have some seriously cool and GORGEOUS seniors.

This girl was a natural. GORGEOUS skin… I barely have to edit at all!

More to come 😛